We love hearing how The Center for Dance has impacted our students and their
families. Read what CFD Families say and share your story!

“We’ve tried other studios when they were younger. Here they have fun while they are learning. The
teachers don’t use baby words to describe the positions. They hold the bar high enough to push them
to do their best, but don’t force.” – Ruby, Oak Brook

“My oldest has been coming for 3 years and is becoming a beautiful dancer. My youngest has been
coming for 2 years. They have a wonderful program, are good natured and wonderful with my girls.”

“My 8 year-old has been coming her for 2 years. We switched over from another studio, and we really
like it. Everyone here is friendly. The parents are friendly. The teachers are great because they really
work with the kids.”Tara

“I started dancing with Miss Jan when I was 7. When I was 11, I joined company. Miss Jan means the
world to me. She is family. Dance has been my heart and soul for years. CFD is what you love for the
rest of your life.”Lydia, CFD Dancer for 17 years.

“My adult tap class is so fun. We have all levels in that class, but it doesn’t matter because we have
so much fun! We get a workout! The energy is so fabulous, and the studios are beautiful. I love this
place!”Dot, Adult Tap Student

“Although we are yearning to create extraordinary dancers, we really take it to heart to create
extraordinary people. When they train here, they have the right tools to be good people in life,
whether they go into the dance world or not. Center for Dance is the only place I know that can create
people that will be successful in life.”Miss Melissa Libel, CFD Teacher

“After 16 years, this is home to me,” Hope Tolitano, CFD Office Manager smiles and says. “My kids
grew up here. We stayed here because the teachers have such great commitment to the kids to be
their best. It doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong, just that they did their best. The quality of the
performances is professional level, and by the end of the year, they all develop long-lasting
friendships. After my kids graduated, I stayed on because I have always liked being around kids. I
love seeing the kids come down the stairs so happy because they had a great class.”

“Center for Dance is more than just a dance class, more than the love of new shoes and costumes to
our little girl. To see her beauty shine on stage at recitals proves that her class is more than just fun
that makes her laugh and smile each week. CFD builds skills while creating confidence and refining
our daughter’s grace.”Vinnick Family