The Center Stage Dance Company

Welcome to The Center Stage Dance Company. Our competitive companies are comprised of both A & B Company Dancers. Center Stage Dance Company is known for its well-rounded dance education, including ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, modern and contemporary. Company A has been nationally recognized for our excellence in tap as well as contemporary, jazz and hip hop. Our company dancers have been dancing their hearts out since 1987.

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  • Two sets of auditions are required to become a company member.
  • Auditions are held in June and August to determine whether your child is ready for competitive
  • The child must have had at least one year of experience in the genre for which she/he is
  • If your child is accepted to Company, all information regarding time and financial commitments
    will be addressed at a parent meeting in the Fall.


The Dance Awards 2019

  • Senior Solo- 8th overall- Blue Bossa- Payton Frankiewicz
  • Senior Duo/Trio- 4th overall- Drive
  • Senior Group- 2nd overall- Eye of the tiger
  • People’s Choice Award Nomination- You Are My Destiny

Best Dancer Nominee

  • Martina Theriault
  • Tara Mologousis
  • Marit Ley
  • Ruby Fernandez









Overall Accomplishments for the 2018-2019 competitive year:

  • Outstanding Technique
  • Gregory Hines Award
  • Outstanding Performance
  • Numerous Judges Choice awards
  • Outstanding Choreography
  • Excellence in Dance
  • Placed in Overall Top 10 at:
    • Nuvo
    • Jump
    • Energy
    • On Pointe
    • Bravo
    • ADE

DanceMakers, Inc. 2017 Standout Studio of the Year

  • 2017 Standout Studio of the Year
  • Pre- Teen Duo/Trio: Slay (Hip Hop)
  • Pre- Teen Production 4th overall: Born To Do (Musical Theater)
  • Teen Duo/Trio 2nd Overall: Autumn Leaves (Tap)
  • Teen Line 1st Overall: Incantations (Contemporary)
  • Teen Production 5th Overall: River Deep (Tap)
  • Senior Group 1st Overall: Fram
  • Teen Solo 14th Overall: Beast-Martina Theriault
  • Teen solo 11th Overall: Caravan-Payton Frankiewicz
  • Senior Solo 5th Overall: Swank- Parker Frankiewicz
Scholarship Winners:

2017 Scholarship Winners: Martina Theriault, Dana Dean, Julia Dean and Parker Frankiewicz

Dance Makers Dance Again Showcase:

  • Incantations
  • Fram
Overall Accomplishments for the 2016-2017 Competitive Season

Numerous top awards…

    • Teen Odyssey Award
    • Nominated for Industry Dance Awards
    • Several Awards for Technique and Precision
    • Stand Out Studio
    • Placed in the Overall Top 10 at:
      • Nuvo
      • NYCDA
      • Bravo
      • Power of Dance
      • StarQuest
      • DanceMakers, Inc.

Our dancers consistently receive top choreography awards and precision awards. We are extremely
proud of all of our dancers.